How to Brew the Perfect Matcha

From Medieval China to Imperial Japan, matcha tea has mesmerized generations and it is not just about its rich flavor; it is also about its calming effect and high nutritional value that many people swear by today. It is a green tea that is ground into very fine powder; it does not need to be steeped. Many people make it a daily ritual after discovering its merits and in this regard, you must learn how to brew the perfect matcha. The good news is that this is a sure guide to the ideal tea. Follow every detail if you want to make a perfect drink every time.

Things you need

There are special accessories or tools that are a must have for this process. Western utensils will not yield the same results. Traditional utensils are widely available and affordable so you do not have any excuse. First, you need a handmade bamboo whisk also called chasen. You also need a tea bowl (Chawan), a tea strainer, measuring ladle as well as your matcha powder.

How to brew one cup of Matcha

How to Brew Matcha

1. Sift powder using the strainer

To brew one cup of this awesome tea, take one and a half ladlefuls of the tea powder and place it into the strainer. Here, stir the powder into the tea bowl. Sifting your powder through the strainer will help remove any clumps to ensure that your tea is as smooth as possible. After sifting, the powder should be very smooth and consistent.

2. Add hot water

Pour some boiling water into a tea cup and then leave it to cool a bit. Leave it for about a minute so that it is no longer boiling but hot. Once it has achieved this desired temperature, pour it into the tea bowl containing your fine tea.

3. Whisk the tea

To combine your tea, use the whisk or chasen with gentle motions. If you choose to use circular motions to whisk, you will have a fine smooth tea. However, if you use brisk motions to whisk, you will end up with a rich foamy tea. It all depends on the texture you want to achieve. The whisking should take about 15 seconds until you achieve a bright green tea.

You can now pour the green tea into a tea cup and enjoy. Keep in mind that you should enjoy the drink immediately because the green tea tends to settle at the bottom if left for some time. You can also choose to make your tea extra thick. The secret lies in using a higher amount of green tea for example, 3 ladlefuls of tea powder. Follow the same process and you will end up with an extra thick consistency as you desire.

The benefits

Matcha tea has a wealth of nutritional value that has been proven scientifically by experts. It has much higher levels of antioxidants compared to regular tea. In this regard, it is suitable for disease prevention and weight loss. It is also a refreshing ritual that makes you feel more alive and ready for the day.